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Our Leaders


Dr. Scott Faucett

Scott C. Faucett, MD, MS is the President of the CAO Research Foundation. He is an orthopaedic Sports medicine surgeon based in Washington, DC, USA with the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics.  His clinical practice focuses on complex knee and hip surgery.  He is a team doctor for the George Washington University Athletic Department, and numerous high-schools, as well as a pool physician for the United States Ski & Snowboard teams.  He has presented at numerous international meetings, published manuscripts, and book chapters on the management of complex meniscus injuries.  He serves on several committees with AOSSM, and ISAKOS as well as directs the research efforts at the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics Research Foundation.

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Board of Directors

The CAO Research Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of the Foundation as a whole. The Board of Directors includes leaders in medicine, healthcare administration, policy, and banking who understand not only the needs of the Foundation and its stakeholders but also the broader context in which the Foundation operates.


Jerome Goodman

d humphrey.jpg

Danielle Humphrey


Steven Neufeld, MD


Belgin Uyumazturk


Alex Sternhell

m goldsmith.jpg

Michael Goldsmith, MD

Leadership: Meet the Team

Scientific Advisory Council

Our Scientific Research Council provides direction and oversight for all Foundation research activities. The Council's responsibilities include definition of research priorities, advice on activities and review of applications for support, and engagement with the broader scientific and medical communities. In addition, the Council provides Foundation leadership with insights into developments in the scientific and medical communities that may inform the Foundation’s direction and objectives.


Alan Barber, MD


Steven Neufeld, MD


Benjamin Stein, MD


Alexander Vap, MD


Barry Waldman, MD


Noah Raizman, MD


Daniel Cuttica, DO


Mark Perry, MD

Leadership: Meet the Team
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