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Our Research Program

The CAO Research Foundation's research program provides resources and support to clinicians and scientists at institutions conducting orthopaedic and musculoskeletal research. The core objectives of the research program are to:

  1. Enhance understanding of causes of and treatments for orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, and sports-related injuries, by funding and facilitating research

  2. Enable greater clinician engagement in research, by providing clinician researchers with wrap-around support for finding funding, designing and managing studies, and analyzing and publishing results

  3. Disseminate research findings so that they can be incorporated into clinical practice, by proactively seeking out platforms to share Foundation-supported research

Researchers working with the Foundation are active in many different areas, but share the ultimate goal of driving improvements in patient outcomes. Types of research conducted with Foundation support include – but are not limited to – clinical, basic science, epidemiological, translational, biomechanical, and biomedical engineering research.

Our Research Program: About Us
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